Quick help guide on ticks

Q - What are ticks?
A - Ticks are small parasites, which feed on the blood of mammals (including humans), reptiles and birds. They are largely found in grassy areas, such as fields and meadows.

Q – How does my pet get ticks?
A – Ticks can detect movement, heat and carbon dioxide so know when a host is in the area. They then use a technique known as “questing” - climbing to the top of a long blade of grass or other structure and waiting with their front legs outstretched. As a host passes by it brushes against the legs of the tick and the tick grabs hold of the host.

Q – Why should I be concerned about Ticks?
A - Ticks spread a number of diseases, as a result of feeding on affected hosts, including Lyme disease, Babesiosis, Bartonellosis and Ehrlichiosis/ Anaplasmosis, all of which can cause the individual serious long term health issues

Q- How do I control ticks?
A – There are many different tick preventative products including including spot ons and also tick twisters (Link) that can help remove a tick manually

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