How do I create a pet profile?

Firstly you will need to create an account Once you have registered an account with us, you can set up pet profiles in the “My Account” section (located in the top menu bar). A Pet Profile is a basic description of your pet including any medication or health issues they may have.

A pet profile is required in order to identify whether certain medications that are classed as NFA-VPS are suitable for your pet.

Setting up a profile is simple, just log in to your account and chose the “My Pets” option. Here you will see the option to create a new pet or, if you have created other pets, delete their details. Details that you need include their weight and current health since certain medications are only suitable for animals of a certain size or state of health. Just use the “Save Pet” button on your pet’s profile once you have added their details and then start shopping for them!

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