What is a wish list and how do I use it?

A wish list is a list of products that you would like to receive as a gift, or perhaps might want to purchase at a later date. For example, If you find a product that you would like to purchase but don’t have the funds, you can add that item to your wishlist.

Once you have found an item that fits the bill, go to the product’s page and click on “Add to Wishlist”, which can be found below the “add to basket” button.

If you have logged in to your account you will be taken to a new page called “My Wishlist” where you will find this product, and any other wishlist products you may have added earlier. If not you will be prompted to log in.

Here you have the option to add all products or individual products to your basket, change and update the quantity of items on your list and share the list with one or more email address. You are also able to add comments on each of the products, which may be for your own information or, if you share your list, be helpful in their purchase.

If you choose to share your wishlist you will be taken to a screen which will request the email addresses of your chosen recipients and any message you may have for them.

Once you have shared the list, the recipients will receive an email with the contents of the wishlist, together with your message and any notes you had made within the comments section

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